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After 15 years, 7 full length albums, over 1000 shows all over the world, a beautiful 2 year-old daughter and a brand spanking new bouncing baby boy, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Australian blues/roots musician Mike Elrington would slow things down some, even just for a little while.

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Well folks it's that time of the week where I drop another clip from the Live At The Flying Saucer Club series onto ya! This time it's my version of Ray Charles's "I Got A Woman" which then merges into Jimi Hendrix's classic "Voodoo Chile".

I first started getting right into Ray Charles when that incredible movie about him came out back in 2005. It was around this time that I made one of my first ill-fated attempts at being a full-time musician, so I left my day job & suddenly found myself with all this extra time on my hands during the day(thanks Centrelink...), and I reckon I must've watched the Ray DVD around 40 times during the first week of owning it. Aside from Jamie Foxx's brilliant portrayal of the great man, this movie introduced me to many of his tunes I hadn't heard much of in the past, and naturally, I fell madly in love with all of them. However this one struck the biggest chord with me, especially with it's infectious groove & lyrics, and more importantly just how innovative this type of song was at the time. In 1954, it really wasn't considered a "done thing" at all to merge gospel music with R'N'B/Soul, however the genius of Ray Charles had that innate vision to merge these different styles in the interests of coming up with a newer & more original sound. Something he built such a strong reputation for in so many of his tunes.

And then of course there's Hendrix's truly unforgettable Voodoo Chile. If there was one song I had to choose as the anthem for ALL guitar players, I'd have to pick this one. I first heard this as a 14 year-old who had just discovered the legendary man for the first time after buying his Ultimate Experience greatest hits CD. Ever since hearing this tune, I've always kept it as a regular staple of my sets and have attempted to find new ways of playing it by making slight changes to the original key, tempo & arrangement. Yes, I know this song has been played to death by just about every blues/rock guitar player that's ever lived, so it's always been important to me to try & put my own flavor on it. Hopefully I'm wrong here, but I really can't ever imagine a more powerful guitar intro & leading riff than the one Hendrix plays on this one. Also in my opinion, the greatest riff of all time.

Many thanks again to Sean O'Sullivan from Highway 9 Productions for doing a killer job on the all the audio mixing & video editing, Dan McDougall for live filming, Nigel Swifte for live sound recording, and of course my good buddy Roderick McLeod for slamming out the tight grooves on the kick drum & djembe.

I'll be holding the launch for this CD/DVD release At The Flying Saucer on Saturday 27th May, tix for this show are available here-https://www.flyingsaucerclub.com.au/gig/mike-elrington-dvd-launch-27517/

Crank it up y'all!
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Has been great to spend the day with these folks for more shooting on the clip for Oh Josephine! Not too much longer to go on this one now. ... See MoreSee Less

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